Who’s Who

I tend to get lost sometimes when reading other people’s IC blogs.  Who’s that?  They’re married to who?  What?  This is a list to help reduce confusion.

The Duskflame-Firewing Household

Astoreth (Duskflame) Firewing is my main, and the focus of this blog.

Westel Firewing has for two years been Astoreth’s rock and her confidante, and what started as merely friendship has grown over time into a surprisingly deep and devoted relationship, culminating in their marriage last year.  Westel is a Ranger-Captain of the Farstriders, currently fighting the Horde’s war out at Domination Point.
  ♦ Westel’s blog: Wolfriders

Kuvasei Duskflame (or Kuvie) is a troubled yet tenacious teenaged orphan whom Astoreth has adopted as her daughter.
  ♦ Kuvasei’s blog: Nobody’s Blade

Laurelia Darksworne is Astoreth’s toddler daughter by her former husband, the paladin General Bareris Darksworne.

Anais Hollyfield is Westel’s six-year-old daughter, likewise by a previous relationship.

Extended Family & Close Friends

Cearalaith Dawnbreaker is Astoreth’s estranged younger sister; neither approves of the other’s life choices, and so although still devoted to each other they rarely speak except through intermediaries.  She was married for a time to Corael Dawnbreaker — who actually got along with Astoreth better than Cear did, until he was killed in action fighting Deathwing’s Twilight Cult.

Stavier Luminiar is one of Astoreth’s best friends and most enduring enemies; they know all the other’s secrets, and work quite well together when they’re not tearing each other to pieces.  Astoreth is also quite fond of Stavier’s lady wife, a temperamental huntress called Liealia. Together Stavier and Lia have adopted and are raising Kuvasei’s infant daughter Breelyn.
  ♦ Liealia’s blog: Undying Loyalty


In story Nocturne is an elite company of soldiers of fortune in service to the Horde; Astoreth and Stavier are both members, along with a colorful assortment of murderers, sociopaths,  troll supremacists, rogues, fishermen, cannibals, alchemists, Forsaken, and other fascinating personalities.  (In actuality Nocturne is a raiding guild, and most of its members do not roleplay — but those who do, do use the guild as a point of connection for their characters.)

The tauren death knight Ashmaw was Astoreth’s protector when she was younger, and is one of her oldest friends and truest confidants.

Other Friends and Enemies

Anetho Dawnpride (aka Asleon De’Forte) is a ‘professional associate’ of Astoreth’s, and one-time suitor.  He is known to be a magister of some power (both political and arcane) in the city of Silvermoon.

Sejia Stillhart is probably the person Astoreth hates most in the world… and yet, she’s bound to her via her influence on Kuvasei.  Recently Sejia has departed for places unknown, but like a bad penny there’s no doubt she’ll be back.
♦ Sejia’s blog: A Heart So Still


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