Related pieces and credit where due.

Unless stated otherwise, all images (screenshots etc.) were created and are owned by the author of this blog… except, of course, for the elements that belong to Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All other works of art are copyrighted the individual artists.

Dark Intent

The marvellous logo found at the top of every page of this blog was created by the amazing and multi-talented Ashmaw!  More about him and his work may be found at Mighty Nightgaunt.


My friend and guildmate Tywren commissioned this sketch of Astoreth from the very talented Kimberly Swan in honor of Nocturne’s fifth anniversary.

Astoreth by Kimberley Swan

My friend Westel commissioned this color pic from Kim Swan as well!

Astoreth, by Kimberly Swan

These two pieces were done by the lovely Seishou of Moon Guard!

Lady Astoreth (color profile) Lady Astoreth (black and white headshot)


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