About Astoreth

Astoreth is the name I use for myself on this blog and for my main character in the MMORPG World of Warcraft.  You may have heard of it.  It’s a thing.

Contrary to popular assertions in /Trade, Astoreth is not a boy’s name.

Astoreth In Game

Astoreth is a level 90 Blood Elf Warlock (Affliction) on Moon Guard-US.  As players go, I am a Wrath baby.  I am an officer with the 10-man raiding guild Nocturne, where I put out absolutely average DPS and usually manage to not stand in fire.  After raiding my favorite WoW occupation is roleplaying, and so when Astoreth is not tanking the floor she can be found stalking the streets of Silvermoon or Orgrimmar and hamming it up like Christmas dinner.

Astoreth In Story 

Astoreth is a young adult Sin’dorei (blood elf) attempting to balance her personal desires against her duties to her people; her need for normality against the fact that she is hardly what most people would call normal. More detail about her and her family can be found on the Who’s Who page — and, of course, in the stories of this blog.

About this Blog

Currently I write this blog almost entirely in-character, and save the OOC business for Google+.  Entries are written arbitrarily in first- or third-person, or even from another character’s point of view entirely, depending on how I feel the story will best be told.   I do this entirely for fun and so I can improve my own writing skills.

Fellow roleplayers: by default, all information contained in this blog is to be considered OOC knowledge.  If you think you’d have reason to know about something IC, just drop me a a line; chances are good I’ll be okay with it, but I’d rather talk about it first for consistency’s sake.  Your cooperation is appreciated!

I love feedback on my stories.  I will love you for leaving comments, notes and questions.

I can be contacted through comments on this blog, aforementioned Google+, or by e-mail.  I am also (increasingly rarely these days) on teh Twitter.  And of course, you can find me in game as Astoreth (no funky characters, and certainly not Astaroth) on Moon Guard.


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