March 29, 2009.  My friend K heard that I’d bought a new computer, and completely unsolicited came by with a new game for me.  We sat on the bed together (the room was too small to allow for a proper chair before the desk) and chatted while it installed, and then she looked over my shoulder while I logged in for the first time and pondered what kind of character to make.  There were a LOT of options, and they all seemed good!  K helped by directing me to a server and eliminating half the race options (“All of these guys are on the same team as my characters; you should pick one of them so we can play together”) but I still had trouble making a final selection.  “Even in a video game, I feel like I have to know who my character is and what her motivation is, you know?” I told her, skipping through the slides.

“Well,” she said, “why not just remake your character from A’s World of Darkness game?”

This was the best idea ever.

Given that I had a faction, race and class were quickly clear, and after a little fiddling with hair and skintone I was happy.  Her name was available — I’d find out later how unusual that was.  I clicked okay and waited for the screen to load.  “Oh, I should warn you,” K mentioned, almost as an afterthought.  “You’re playing a female blood elf on Moon Guard.  Guys are going to hit on you.”

I kinda laughed, as my new little blood elf appeared on the screen next to another elf with yellow punctuation over her head.  A male blood elf appeared a second later, and as K was still explaining how the controls worked I got my first whisper.

“Hey baby,” said the new elf next to mine.  “Nice hair.”


March 29, 2014.  Today marks five years since Astoreth and I first set foot in Azeroth.  She was my first character and is still my main.  I’ve been actively roleplaying her for four and a half years, making her one of my longest-lasting RP characters in any medium (longer than her WoD incarnation — who she’s no longer much like at all — and shorter than only a particular werewolf and the D&D paladin who inspired Ast’s sister).  We’ve each made a lot of friends, and a few enemies, and found a couple of people we can’t quite make up our minds about. She’s faced down the Lich King and Deathwing and Garrosh Hellscream, and I’ve gone from sucking at warlock to not sucking to sucking again.  I’m still proud that I was able to beat Thyrinar when he was hard (and he was hard for ‘locks; eff mages), even if I had to mad overgear Kanrethad to even squeak by.

I don’t know where we’re going in future, or if I’ll still be playing her in another five.  It’s weird to think about that, because I don’t feel like I’m at the end of her story… but I’m pretty impressed we made it this far.  Soon I’ll be making my 100th character post on Dark Intent, and I’m pretty proud of that too… well, I will be when I finally get it done.

When I started writing I thought “And here’s where I’ll list everyone who I’ve really enjoyed playing with the last five years” but I hit seventy people and realized I was going to miss a bunch and feel bad about that no matter what I did so please, just know that if we’ve roleplayed or raided together or mutually stalked each others’ blogs or admired each other once from across the Shrine that I appreciate you.  And if you’re new here today I look forward to getting to know you better.

Thanks for sticking around.