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A. –

Hubris is the downfall of every bad warlock.  Most of the good ones, as well.

You claimed to come to the circle seeking a teacher.  And yet I must say that from where I stood, you seemed utterly uninterested in learning.  You did not listen before speaking up, you did not observe and analyze before throwing yourself into the middle of the fray.  You jumped on the first opportunity which presented itself, ignoring the interest of others.  You closed your eyes to the behavior of the rest of the group, and closed your ears to their mutters – and then you sought to blame the group for your poor choice, choosing instead of discussing the matter further to merely stalk away and let those who wished a student chase you.  None of these are behaviors desirable in an apprentice – and the attitude is deplorable, besides.

Let me make something clear, darling: even if you had not told us that you were new to the Art, it would have been apparent.  You need the wisdom of the circle – and you need it far more than the circle needs you.  There is no shame in this; it is true of us all.  But recognizing this truth is essential to growing past it.

My advice to you is to decline the goblin’s offer – unless you fancy being the fuel for his next explosive experiment.  Ask Z. what that was like when you return to the circle next week.  For I do advise you to return to the circle – and to listen, and to learn.  From all of us.  And then, after you have listened to each in the circle, and formed your own opinions of our skills and intellects and ethics, approach the one or two you admire most and ask them personally to take you on, instead of merely casting out a line and seeing what manner of trash bites.

You never did answer my question, regarding what drew you to the Art.  I wonder if the response you would have given might have changed the response you received?

I expect to see you next week.

– A.D.F.