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For all that Westel decries my tendency to pick up promising ‘projects’ and give them a boost, it seems that he has no less a generous spirit.  Granted that young Avelryn was a bit more polished and put-together than darling Kuvasei when we met, but his need was not much less, and despite his gruff demeanor regarding the situation I noticed that Westel did not hesitate to provide for the young man.

So many projects.  Kuvasei and I have been discussing school, lately, and I think if she can be released from her contract with the Farstriders (even on a temporary basis) it might be the best thing for her.  Then there’s the outstanding invitation to have Ashien for dinner, which must be followed up on… and I must do something about Westel’s estrangement from his blood nephew and niece as well.  Hadrian at least is a very intelligent young man, and it would do well for him to be reacquainted with his only remaining uncle.

One thing at a time, Astoreth.  One at a time.