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Cearalaith has fully physically recovered from the ordeal the demoness put her through via Kuvasei.  Most of the thanks for that go to Stavier Luminiar.  I really don’t know what I would have done without him.  She even seems to be herself emotionally – the girl has always been ridiculously resilient – and she holds no grudge against Kuvasei.  I, of course, am a different matter.  When we finally talked, she admitted to missing me, but told me directly she could not trust me.  I cannot blame her.  Perhaps this is something time will heal; perhaps I simply have to live with it.  Regardless, she is well, and that’s more than I deserve.

Kuvasei is also physically intact, but her mind and spirit are yet in pieces.  She blames herself for what happened to her beloved aunt – as she should, really; the demoness only was able to get ahold of Kuvasei because Kuvasei insisted on screwing around with things she did not comprehend, against the wishes and advice of everyone who cared about her.  But there’s taking responsibility for your actions, and there’s giving yourself over to your guilt, and Kuvasei is decidedly in the latter camp.  On top of that, she too was traumatized, and she is not letting herself face or deal with her own pain.  As a result, she has nightmares.  She spends days and nights alternately consumed by her angst or out obsessively stalking the demon for revenge.

She has made no progress that has not cost more than it was worth.  The ritual Kuvasei was compelled to perform brought the demon fully into Azeroth without any of the pesky rules and restrictions of a typical summoning, and of course the demoness fled the scene before we could show up to ruin her plans.  I cannot simply summon her in her current state; we are compelled to use more mundane means of tracking her.  We were able to locate her first hiding place – but Liealia Luminiar was captured by the demon’s cultists while scouting it out, and spent several days under the tender care of her prime henchman.

I think Kuvasei still blames me for the demoness slipping through our fingers.  I stand by my choice: at that point three of our six members were injured beyond the ability to carry themselves out of the demon’s lair, Stavier (though well) was distracted with worry for Lia, and the likelihood of success was incredibly low compared with the likelihood that if one more of us were hurt then none of us would leave the place alive.  We rescued Liealia, of course… and she also is quite resilient, and recovering well.  But the demoness escaped  and we’ve no clues as to her whereabouts now.  She seems to be lying low… which is smart on her part, but incredibly frustrating on ours.

At this point I’d be willing to let the bitch go if I could have my Kuvasei back.  I am trying to help Kuvie  the best that I can… but she is knotted up with fear, anger and self-loathing to the point it seems she might implode, and I fear deep down that I may have already lost her.