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My second day skulking the Row I encountered a pair of Blood Knights bravely attempting to restore (introduce?) some sort of order to the Row.  One was flat-out obnoxious and moronic — everything that those who decry the blood knights as a useless and corrupt institution claim them to be — but the other, the other was quite useful.

Knight-Lord Ty’Elash Solarfrost shows remarkable cool under pressure, even going so far as to attempt to reign in his fellow blood knight when that fellow attempted to over-assert his authority.  He is civil and respectful in speech and manner (though the way he spoke of eradicating ‘the tyranny of evil’ suggests that he may not care much for my order), he appears fair and evenhanded.  Although he has not heard of any contracts being offered lately that match the one supposedly out for Westel, he has promised to keep his eyes and ears open for me.  I believe I can trust him that far.