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The day was warm.  And it rained.

I told Westel this was a good omen.  He laughed at me.

But later I heard him telling people about it, as well.

Tywren Brightheart performed the ceremony.  It was beautiful.

I’m glad it’s all written down.  It all became a happy blur at some point, and I’m already forgetting details.

Well… I do remember the important parts.

Our families were there, both of blood and of spirit.

We danced for hours.

I could not persuade Ashmaw to dance.

Eventually the dancing ended.

Our friends and family wished us well, and departed.  And we were alone.

That’s when it… sort of hit home.

Oh my gods.  I’ve married Westel Firewing.  That arrogant, irritating Ranger!

my arrogant, irritating Ranger.  My dearest love, my wild wolf, my west wind.

For the first time in a very long time…

I am very, very happy.