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I hate working with dragons.  They’re arrogant, abrasive, dismissive — even the “nice” ones are so ignorant and uncaring of mortal concerns so as to be completely insufferable.  Of course, when a dragon asks one to do something, it’s not as if one can reasonably say no.

So typically I try to get in and out as quickly as possible.  I do the job, and then I get paid — or forgotten, which, when considering a dragon, is just as well.

But this was different.

This became… personal.


When did this become personal?


It wasn’t when she fell.  I barely knew her, to be honest.  And she died for one she loved.  We should all be fortunate to have such a death.

But when it came to her brother, the one she died for… the one she left behind….


He and I are different in more ways than we can count.  But that pain… being the one left behind.  I know it.

Dead Scar

That made it personal.

For weeks I returned again and again to the Firelands.

I enlisted the help of every member of Nocturne, and the assistance of many others as well.


I faced down a Firelord.


And in the end, I was victorious.

I did the job, and for once only the second time in my life without expectation of payment or reward.

But having received one, I shall carry it with honor.

A Girl and her Dragonwrath

Maybe dragons aren’t quite so bad.



Heart of Flame


In character, most of the details of this questline are actually not part of Astoreth’s RP storyline.  As with many events in the game, claiming to own the One True Dragonwrath causes continuity issues and conflict with all the other owners of the One True Dragonwrath – and so I’m taking the easy (lazy?) way out by claiming that this is just a nifty staff that she was presented for her hard work on behalf of the blue dragonflight, and leaving it at that.

Out of Character, however – OMG I have a Dragonwrath hell yes I have to brag about it!!!

I owe thanks to lots and lots of people, starting with all of Nocturne.  Best guild ever, and no, I am totally not biased.

Liealia – LynndsayPreuxRhakniz * – Shayzani
Stavier – TarazTywren – Zul’rohk

* Yeah, Rhak’s part of the family, despite being a dirty Kinsman.

The entirety of the Firelands portions of this quest were done on 10-man normal difficulty, which meant we came back to Firelands week after week after freakin’ week for several months to get this done.  Several people were there for almost every run, and I cannot value their contributions enough.

Not everyone could make it every week and so we enlisted a good number of puggees.  Fenladril and Tiavin came several times; to them and countless others – thank you.

I went with the Burning Tusk Tribe one week, and it was a fabulous fun time.

A few people started this journey with me and couldn’t finish, for one reason or another.   Ganelon, Vashabina, Zenhakar, you are appreciated and missed.

I need to thank three people again, and especially.

Kelist: thank you for enabling me to do this.  Even when you couldn’t make it to raid, it was nice to have your support, and your advice when things went bad.  You are a super guild leader and I am proud to be in Nocturne.

Tywren: you not only enabled me, you totally held my hand the whole way.  Thank you for not only co-leading but carrying most of the weight week after week; I cannot tell you how grateful I was to have you herding cats with me.

And my darling Stavier: I like to believe you’d have tanked for me every week even without threat of sleeping on the couch.  You put up with my neuroses and you were patient and tireless and awesome.  You are officially off the hook for the unfortunate DFO incident.  I love you.


…that’s all.  😀