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* * * Guest EPIC POETRY by Ashmaw * * *

When dawn cast light on Acherus,
Its king was turned away,
And the souls once bound in frost,
Found themselves astray.

Though loyal still to Ebon Hold,
With Mograine now its lord,
Its dead depart the citadel,
For Stormwind and the Horde.

One such knight is no exception,
Though somber is his mien,
The tauren’s spirit is Ebon Hold,
Not Horde or Banshee Queen.

Though second to this monster’s love,
Is the wild Mulgore plain,
The first is always frost and blood,
Much to the heart’s disdain.

Once a huntsman of Thunder Bluff,
His greatest joy the chase,
To bring his family back a feast,
For love and their embrace.

The dwarves took that joy from him,
Before the cold set in,
The man who died at Taurajo,
Died fighting for his kin.

And when he woke, what did he find?
But that wild anger grown,
His heart frozen to every cry,
And horror he had sown.

A sentinel unstoppable,
In service to a lich,
A thousand ill deeds done,
To scratch an endless itch.

But destiny had other plans,
For he, our frozen friend,
And when the deathknights were set free,
His story did not end.

Trapped in a fugue of memory,
The cold had made him numb,
Knowing his kin would be ashamed-
Of the monster he’d become.

But fate would not allow this guilt-
To eat an honest soul,
And so it threw into his path-
A new and righteous goal.

On the path East of Lordaeron,
Stood a girl filled with rage,
Angry with the Monastery,
Too dreadful for her age.

And so it was our hero met-
This elf girl on his road,
Her plight inspired selfess thoughts-
Of the debt to life he owed.

Inside the palid tauren bloomed-
An ember of old light,
The old shu’halo oaths and ways,
Of ills and wrongs made right.

As he walked toward the hill,
The Monastery’s home,
The elf asked the tauren for his name
His mind began to roam.

What was it he had called himself?
In days before the cold?
Was it fair to use that old name,
Whose story had been told?

There was a pause that lasted days,
He thought about it long,
That life was done, he let it die,
But his voice rang out strong.

“The foes of life gave me a name.”
And rime began to thaw,
Something grew warm inside him, then,
And the beast said, “Ashmaw.”