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Highlights of the Dominion Ball last Saturday night:

  • Tendael’s voice.  I could probably listen to it all day.  Which is good, because dead gods the man can talk.
  • The lovely Candriss playing our personal hostess for a time.  Still as charming and fresh an ingenue as can be found in Silvermoon. 
  • Stavier playing Candriss’ white knight.  That sly dog.
  • The parade… what I saw of it.  Still not certain how we lost it (how do you lose an entire parade), but at least we found it again!
  • Yuliia.  Ever adorable.
  • Walking into the ball proper with a devastatingly handsome man on each arm. 
  • …a Blood Knight and a Ranger-Captain, no less.  Why yes, I do believe I win.
  • Finding an only-slightly-less devastingly handsome rogue to dance with when both my partners declined.
  • Stavier and Westel leaning grumpily against opposite walls with identical sour expressions.  Like a matched set!
  • Cardre, being herself.  I miss her, more than I care to admit.  My own damned fault, of course.

And though I can’t actually count it as part of the festivities, I’m glad for the opportunity I had to talk with Sedorine as the party died down.  I’m growing fond of that boy… and it means a great deal to me that he trusts me enough to share the things he did with me.  I’ll need to keep an eye on him… he’s strong, but at the same time he’s evidently vulnerable, and I would be quite irritated to find someone trying to take advantage of him.  Quite irritated indeed.