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* * * Guest Post by Stavier * * *

Stavier took one step after another down the hall; he did not think, he did not pause, he just moved.  Armed guards kept pace on each side of the red-headed bastard child as he made his way before the Magisters, before the Prince himself. He glanced up slowly, looking them each in the eye, and when the others bowed he remained standing tall.  Immediately he felt the shaft of a guard’s spear slam into his knees, sending him sprawling forward, but he pulled himself back up and stood tall.

His eyes locked on each of the magisters again in turn, until they settled on Lord Kieran Duskflame.  The two eyed each other for a moment, as they took measure of one another. He must think me an arrogant ass, the boy thought, but if they are going to kill me, I shall die standing on my own two feet.  I may be a murderer, but under no means am I going to die a coward.

His father’s kin stood to the side sneering at the bastard mutt before them, this monster who had killed his own father, taken the life of their uncle, their cousin or their brother, and Stavier could feel them craving blood, craving his blood.  He turned and offered a smug little grin in their direction, a simple reminder of how little they meant to him, and how much he despised all of them and this entire charade. He turned back to Lord Duskflame as the magister cleared his throat and prepared to speak in his role as Stavier’s judge, jury and executioner.

“Stavier Luminiar,” Lord Duskflame began. Stavier shivered slightly. No one called him that — he was not a Luminiar, just a bastard of the Luminiar line — and yet this lord, this magister, one who could order the death or removal of the entire Luminiar family called him that name? Duskflame smirked with apparent amusement at this reaction, the first sign of weakness from this arrogant young boy, and he spoke again.

“Stavier Luminiar, you have spent nearly two years in prison, for a crime of which you are very aware. Today, I offer you the full apology of the magisters, a complete pardon for you crimes, and a thank you for your aid to Silvermoon by eliminating the traitor Lord Dalinius Luminiar.  As you know, Dalinius Luminiar died with no acknowledged heirs to his line… and so as a reward for these deeds and to compensate you for your time in prison, you are hereby recognized as Dalinius Luminiar’s sole heir and the lord of House Luminiar, and I shall take you into my own household to see you trained.”

Stavier stood there blinking, dumbfounded, looking up at the magister as growls and hisses broke out behind him; the sounds of shock and hatred echoing in the room almost was almost deafening to the boy… and there, standing above him, looking so sure of himself, so sure of all of this was Lord Duskflame.  The lord smirked again. “Bring the boy to my estate, and have him measured for his armor. He shall need it.”  And with that, Duskflame rose and he swept out of the room.

Stavier stared after Lord Duskflame as the magister departed.  Free.  A Lord.  A Luminiar.  No one rushed to hug him, no one smiled at him. He still felt the hatred from his father’s family… from his family. He still felt the disdain, but he was a free man… except slowly it dawned on Stavier that he had been dragged from prison not to be freed, not to be killed but to be imprisoned anew.  But hell, he thought, if I have to do this, I will be better then the rest. I will prove my place and earn a place of respect and I will make my family kneel before me… because dead gods, I have fought for my entire life for the chance to prove myself, and today it’s been handed to me on a silver platter.