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[OOC Author’s Note: This entry, in fact this entire journal, is to be considered OOC knowledge not to be brought into RP (unless of course you’ve discovered it by other means).  I haven’t thrown up a disclaimer before because it hasn’t been especially important to me, but Astoreth gives away someone else’s secrets in this entry so it’s worth mentioning.  If you have questions please leave a comment or drop me an e-mail.  Thanks!]

I encountered a rather curious woman today in the streets of Silvermoon who claimed to know me, but whom I’m quite certain I’ve never met before.  She calls herself Skysong, and she claims to run some kind of engineering… production… company?  I admit to being a tad unclear on the details.  She interrupted the conversation I was having with Stavier to invite us both to drinks.  We demurred, as we were actually trying to have a private conversation, but she gave us her card and a raincheck.  I may try to seek her out again… if Stavier is interested in same.  I don’t think it would be especially wise for either of us to go alone.

After she had departed Stavier told me that Sejia had warned him about strangers approaching him.  Apparently the Burning Tusk Tribe is not the only organization the lovely Miss Stillhart has recently offended (no, really) and she’s concerned that her enemies may try to use Stavier to get to her.

Speaking of Sejia: that woman has a face for every occasion and balls of sterling brass.   From what I hear some of the Tribe who have put a price on her head, and she simply sashays into their Hallow’s End date auction with a disguise on and buys out half the stock.*  When I realized who ‘Adaria’ truly was I was floored.  Which was quite upsetting.  I’m rather tired of feeling like that.

I of course honored my commitment in the spirit of the game and honest commerce, even after Sejia tipped her hand to alert me as to my purchaser’s true identity.  Let it not be said that a Duskflame does not keep her word.  And I was kind towards her, and generous, and open, none of which she especially appeared to expect, and I was amused by her reactions – particularly her insistence that Westel open the gift I had brought her, in case it was filled with explosives or rabid wolverines or something.

Darling, frustrating, incorrigible Westel.  Since I was compelled to spend a couple of hours talking with Sejia I would have preferred to do it without the man who is currently my lover and formerly hers playing chaperone.  But it was quickly evident that West would not be dissuaded from supervising us, going so far as to track me down over my objections (damned rangers) and following us through narrow streets and back alleys to our destination.  Sejia’s solution of permitting him to stay so long as he served was quite inspired.  I do believe I could tolerate handsome shirtless men pouring my tea and peeling my skethyl berries a bit more often… not that I’d say so to Westel, of course.  He might throw something at me.  Or he’d sulk, which would be worse.

I do hope Sejia feels she got her money’s worth out of the conversation.  I dissect my marriage and assorted other life choices often enough for my own satisfaction; I didn’t particularly enjoy doing it for hers.  Especially with Westel listening in.  I know he knows all of this (he does know all of this, doesn’t he?) but that didn’t make me feel any better as I calmly discoursed on things I’d so much rather not talk about.  Things I’m certain he’d rather not hear about.

I still wonder, sometimes, if Westel truly does know what he’s gotten himself into.

At any rate the conversation was fairly enlightening for myself as well, not as much through what Sejia said as what she didn’t say.  Some of my theories are supported (I hesitate to say confirmed) and for the first time in ages I believe I am content to sit back and watch to see what she does next instead of feeling like I need to burn her from the inside out before she can harm another thing.  I would not be the least bit surprised to see the lovely Miss Stillhart having rather the change of heart in the coming months… and when I think of the prospect I am torn between feeling sorry for her and laughing giddily with the delightful schadenfreude of it all.

For all that my date last week with Sejia Stillhart was terse and tense my outing with Birodil Dawntreader last night was positively a delight.  He took me treasure-hunting in Tanaris; we had dinner at a goblin buffet (surprisingly good venison, and a skethyl berry pie to almost rival Westel’s) as we chatted about our families, and then he drove me across the desert to drink wine in an ancient hall of the Titans.  After that we went swimming in the gulf, where the air was cool and the water was warm – and Biro himself was a most charming companion and conversationalist.  Our swim was nearly compromised by pirates and some of the most enormous goblins I’d ever seen… but Biro’s quick thinking and ingenuity saved the night, and I was quite impressed.

My insistence on the traditional goodnight kiss made Birodil blush.  Positively adorable.

I’ve never honestly paid hunters much heed until recently; they’ve always struck me as obstinate, scruffy and uncouth (and my brothers did little to change that opinion; they were just scoundrels who knew how to hide it), especially compared to the paladins that have been my usual preference… but between them Westel and Birodil are doing a great deal to persuade me otherwise.  Oh, Westel’s as scruffy as ever… but over time I’ve rather found a charm in it.  And if I’d known there were rangers who could dance like West and Biro I’d have finagled my way onto the guest list for the Farstriders’ Ball years ago!  And as for obstinate… well, obstinate I can handle.  I’ve been known to be a bit obstinate myself.

* …mmm, that reminds me.  I wonder if I should warn Do’xian.  I hardly know him, in truth, and I don’t know his companion (Viktor?) at all.  Of course Do’xian’s a big troll; he can probably take care of himself, and I doubt Sejia means them particularly ill – I might easily do more harm than good by causing a panic over nothing at all.  But… still, if something did happen, I …might feel responsible.  Bah.  BAH. Fel take this… this conscience thing.