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Damn it.

I should have known something was up.  Kuvasei has not been acting herself lately… starting with the calm, cool and collected way she dealt with Sejia’s taunts and temptations.  I was so proud of Kuvasei for not letting Sejia get to her as she had in the past… but it didn’t stop there.  Kuvasei has been handling everything smoothly.  Nothing has gotten to her.  Not this drama over Stavier’s baby, not issues with the Tribe, not Westel sharing my bed, not Bareris’ departure, not the news that Lia and I had nearly torn each other to pieces….

She was so calm, talking to me about my love life — about my problems.  And I was too caught up in my own waves of euphoria and despair to even think about the fact that Kuvasei has never been so goddamned calm about anything ever.  I should have known something was on her mind.  Something was bothering her.  And yet I sat there and let her ask me what might make me happy?

What would make me happy, right now, is my daughter coming home safe.  I don’t know if she’s ready for something like this.  If anything happens to her… by all the gods, I will rip the Firelands apart.