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Sometimes I think I’m imagining the entire thing.  Hell, if I didn’t know for a fact that other people have seen him and interacted with him, I might worry if everything that’s transpired since Bareris’ return was but a grief-induced hallucination.  As it is, I still worry about what might be wrong… and at times, I worry that it’s me.

What happens — and it happens a lot — is that Bareris will pop up, surprise me in the city and be affectionate and loving and verbose.  We’ll talk and whatnot for a short while and then without warning, he’ll just… space out, while I’m talking.  He’ll stare off into the distance… his eyes rather glaze.  Nothing I say to him gets a response.  He’ll stand there for about twenty minutes before sitting down, still saying nothing… and then, about fifteen or twenty minutes after that, he simply leaves.  Again, without a word.

Later he tells me he fell asleep. 

Am I that boring?  Does he need a therapist?  I don’t know what to do!