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To be honest, I’ve penned at least sixty or seventy letters to you, with words that seem bland and tasteless, when I find that simplicity will suffice.  Should you ever find the time, seek me out. It’s a rarity that I’m allowed to cook for others, and I’d so wish to prepare something for you.
– A.L. Dawnpride
PS. See about bringing the little one along.

Astoreth stood by the mailbox staring at the parchment for a long time, stroking her fingers along the edges.

So soon?

…it’s just dinner.  With a colleague, even.  Non-stop ‘shop talk’ all night, almost certainly.  With the baby.  What’s going to happen with the baby there, that would be the least bit inappropriate?

Who am I reassuring?

Astoreth’s response was similarly straightforward.

Wednesday, 8:30.